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Pair of Audio Note Kondo GakuOn Single Ended 211 Tube Mono block amplifiers.

Late 90's Audio Note completely hand built by Kondo himself, including the silver wound output transformers. The Gaku-Ons completely built by Kondo are limited production, each output transformer taking over 500 hours to create.
They use Tango Power Transformers and Chokes.
Parallel Single Ended 211 output for 55 Watts per channel.
Tubes included: 4x General Electric VT-4-C (Military Spec 211s) 8x Mullard GZ37 Rectifiers
4x General Electric 5687 2x General Electric 6072
The amplifiers are fully functional and sound fantastic.There is some wear on the amplifiers but it is purely cosmetic, photos attached on request.

Audio Note Kondo Gaku-On Pair Monoblock 211

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